Price Guide

Prompt payment in full is requested at time of invoice, on completion of work. Preferred payment is cash, although other arrangements can be made.

This price list should be used as a guide only

M.Y. Bike Repair cannot give quotes (or even vague estimates) without seeing your bike.

Every repair or service is bespoke depending on your bike and our prices try to reflect this.

We do a non obligation quote and will try to work to your budget.

We operate a fixed menu servicing system for general routine tasks.

The pricing guide is for labour only. Parts used are charged extra (unless otherwise specified). We seek to use high quality parts, from reliable suppliers, that are compatible with major brands. However if you wish specific parts to be used we will endeavour to get them for you, but all special order parts must be paid for in full before ordering.

There is a minimum labour / call out charge of £15.00 but this is waived if the cost of work carried out exceeds this.

If you reside outside the 10 mile working radius, there will be a travel charge, £5 plus 50p/mile for the total mileage. (Example 20 miles - £10 + £5 = £15; 38 miles - £19 + £5 = £24).

If your bicycle is in a dirty condition there may be a charge for cleaning. This ensures Health & Safety working conditions are met and also allows closer inspection of the frame and components.

If several jobs are done at the same time, there is an overlap of labour, this will mean the cost will be cheaper than the sum of several stand alone jobs. Remember to use the pricing as a guide.

All work carried out to Cycle Tech UK’s Standards of Practice

Servicing & Bike Builds

Basic / Safety ServiceJunior Bike (up to 20" wheel)from £15.00
Basic / Safety ServiceAdult Bikefrom £30.00
Main ServiceJunior Bike (up to 20" wheel)from £20.00
Main ServiceSingle Speedfrom £30.00
Main ServiceAdult Bikefrom £40.00
Multiple Bike Discount
For 3 or more bikes being serviced at the same time
(2 childrens bikes 18" wheel and under = 1 bike)
from £30.00 each
Overhaul Servicefrom £120.00
Inspection & Report (MOT)from £15.00
1st Servicefrom £25.00
Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) New bike from box buildfrom £40.00
Bike Valetfrom £20.00
Custom Bike Buildfrom £70.00
Swap parts from one frame to anotherfrom £98.00
Stand Alone Repairs
Minimum Charge of £15 unless part of service

The cost may be less than shown when repairs are part of a service or several overlapping jobs are conducted at the same time.
Use for guidance, estimates can only be given after seeing your bike.

Standard Brake ServiceAdjustment, clean, inspect/replace pads and lubricate from £17.00
Standard Brake CablesRepalce inner cables and outer housings. Includes brake service and adjustment from £20.00
Hydraulic Brake Service Remove pads, clean & inspect, replace fluid and bleed system.
(Cost fo fluid not included)
from £25.00
Disc Brake FittingSingle brake
(to suitable frame / fork)
from £17.00
Combined Gear & Brake Service from £30.00
Gear serviceAdjustment, inspect and lubricate. (Front & Rear)from £17.00
Gear cablesRepalce & adjust. (pair)from £20.00
Front Derailleur(Seat tube) Replacement including adjustmentfrom £25.00
Front Derailleur(Bottom bracket) Replacement including adjustmentfrom £27.00
Rear DerailleurReplacement including adjustmentfrom £25.00
Rear DerailleurReplace Derailleur hangerfrom £15.00
Combined Brake & Gear Servicefrom £30.00
Drive Train
Chain & Cassette /FreewheelReplacement (recommended replacing as a pair to stop slipping and to reduce rapid wear)from £17.00
Bottom BracketReplacementfrom £25.00
Chainset / CranksetReplacementfrom £20.00
ChainringsReplacementfrom £15.00
Outer Chainring OnlyReplacement if chainset / crankset not removed)from £7.00
Pedal ThreadsRe-tap crank pedal threads (each)from £8.00
Pedal ThreadsRe-tap crank pedal threads (pair)from £12.00
Drive TrainDegrease, clean & re-lubricatefrom £10.00
Tyres & Wheels
Tyre or TubeReplacement (each)from £10.00
Tyre or TubeReplacement (pair)from £17.00
Tyre or Tube(with hub gears / electric bikes) Replacement (each)from £15.00
Tyre or Tube(with hub gears / electric bikes) Replacement (pair)from £23.00
Front hubServicefrom £15.00
Rear hubServicefrom £25.00
Freehub BodyReplacementfrom £30.00
Wheel truingOn Jig (single wheel)from £15.00
SpokesReplacement (per spoke)from £1.50
Wheel buildSingle (parts extra)from £35.00
Pair (parts extra)from £60.00
Suspension & Headset
ForkFittingfrom £27.00
ForkServicefrom P.o.A
HeadsetService or Replacementfrom £27.00
Bars & Grips / Tape
HandlebarFir or Replacefrom £25.00
StemFit or Replacefrom £20.00
Grips / Bar TapeFit or Replacefrom £8.00

Fitting and adjustment (lights, computer, kick stand, child carrier, mudgaurd, luggage rack etc.) P.O.A.

Some accessories supplied by M.Y. Bike Repair are normally fitted free of charge.

Remember if you want any specific parts or components please ask, we will endeavour to source the parts as part of the service.

All Prices shown are Labour Only. All Parts are charged extra.

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