Service Guide

Basic / Safety Service

  • Safety Check.
  • Tyre Check and Inflation.
  • Brake Adjustment.
  • Gear Adjustment.
  • Lubrication.

Main Service

The above plus...

  • Wheels and Hubs checked.
  • True Wheels on bike.
  • Adjust headset.
  • Chain and drive-train cleaned, checked & lubricated. (chain, gears and associated components)
  • Brake and Gear cables cleaned, checked & lubricated.
  • Torque of bicycle components and fitments checked.
  • Diagnostic check and advice on further work required.
  • Review bike fit to rider.

Overhaul Service

(Bicycle may have to be taken to our fixed workshop rather than mobile workshop)

Includes the above Main Service plus...

  • Bike Valet.
  • Complete strip down and clean with re-greasing of components.
  • Complete check of all components.
  • Brake service including replacing inner cable and outer casing. (cable costs included)
  • Disc brake cleaned, adjusted and system bleed. (Fluid used is chargable)
  • Gear cables renewed and gears re-tuned. (cable costs included)
  • Wheels tensioned and tuned.


Inspection & Report (MOT)
Ideal if your bike has not been used for sometime. Lets you know if your bike is safe to use and advice on any worked needed.

1st Service
Carried out between 4 – 6 weeks after purchase. Torque check of fittings and components plus a Re-tension of cables.

Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI)
Used for new bike from box. Build and set up to BS6102 Pt1 (1992).

Bike Valet
Thorough degrease and clean of your bike with re-lubrication of components.

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